Fonts: Charlemagne Std (Bold), Berling (Roman & Bold)
Colors: Pink Box Pink,
Theme: Build a relationship with Voodoo.
Other Info: This is an example of a campaign that I put together for Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR for one of my classes at the University of Oregon. For the concept advertisements seen, I used my own handwriting as a font.

The condensed version of the book can be downloaded here.

Bersin_SouthwayFonts: Shelter Me, Avant Garde (Demi and Book)

Colors: Lush greens, and bright florals
Theme: Clean and Simple
Other Info: This is a case study that I did for Southway Orthodontics, prior to their name change during the summer of 2014. I was asked to create a marketing campaign with three different concepts to attract new patients.







Download the PDF here.

This is an invitation that I created for a friend for her bridal shower.

I incorporated her wedding color (coral) on a white background to give the invitation a feminine, yet simplistic feel.













This invitation was created for another friend for her sister’s shower in New York. She inquired after seeing the first invitation (above) and requested something similar.

We went with something a bit glitzier, given that the shower was in New York.