Hello There!

My name is Brittany, but you can call me Bee.

This isn’t the part of the site where I claim to be an avid hiker or an expert in everything known to mankind.

So here’s what I will tell you:

I am a hybrid of my own creation: a Creative Strategist.
I was forged from the creative fires at the University of Oregon.

I am a true Oregonian and wear my Birkenstocks proudly in rain, snow, and the rare sunshine.

You can find me where the tacos are served and in the dusty, forgotten corners of antique shops. They say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, (at least that’s what I tell myself to justify my collections).

I am the mom of a goofy 200 lb. English Mastiff named Aslan, who is the most cowardly lion I have ever met.

Fueled by a desire to be different.

Let’s create something.

I like to pretend I’m cool.